Mars Exploration Rover, 2016  A continuation of Thesis project in 3D Accessory.
 The 360 collection is designed in the process of making. As an experimentation, each piece is not planned with a primary sketch. The draping process starts with similar dress shape, and each time with different approach, one does not know the end result until the piece is finished. All pieces intend to give their audiences 360 experiences.  The idea begin to have the garment go around the body. Different from Geoffrey Beene’s approach to anatomy, analysis body movement, design seams that complements the body movement, the intention of this project is to work off the body, and to break our common perspective of body form to 360 experience. The thought process begins as considering parts of the body. For example, considering the arm that is needing of a sleeve, the muslin to drape the sleeve is the canvas, and the size and shape of that muslin is determined by the space available to it. Where there is no form, there can be garments. The space around the body became the new canvas.